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APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT Braum s is an Equal Opportunity Employer. It is our policy to comply with all applicable state and federal laws prohibiting discrimination in employment based on race, age,
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Now and I want to get it I'm gonna start off by saying happy Valentine's Day to everybody out there and I also want to show you I got my hair cut but that would be for another video so you could click on this video because you saw the title jaws for thirteen fourteen and fifteen year olds so let's get started um for thirteen years old year-olds and younger you can deliver newspapers which is like but down here in Southern Maryland we don't do that it's not like you riding your bike and say here's your paper mrs. Johnson no it's not like that it's like some old people come at six o'clock in the morning and just throw on Saturdays and Sundays and just throw the newspaper that people's driveways that's how it is down here you can work as a babysitter like as if your neighbors are going out and it's their anniversary and they don't want to bring their children for the weekend you just offer your services and say I can babysit so-and-so for five or ten dollars an hour and then boom that's ten twenty dollars in your pocket and you like is that's good money for just watching together make sure they're not dead or they're not injured you can also work in the entertainment industry industry which is like acting and TV shows and to be specific like Disney Channel but the weird thing is is that on Disney Channel is like on the shows they're like 13 but I realized they're like 25 unlike we're supposed to be having a connection are you not even in my age group like that's just so confused you can also work in a business that's owned or operated by your parents however parents are not allowed to employ their child to employ their child in manufacturing mining or anything any job that's hazardous declare to the Secretary of Labor so you can't work anywhere hazardous because you're still child to the age of 18 and it's not safe for you to work work and those type of places so and when you're 14 you can work in an office I don't know what type of office but you can work in office you can work in a grocery store such as Safeway because in the state of Maryland you're allowed to work at grocery stores like Safeway and giant at the age of 14 but to be sure you should check in your state you can also work in retail stores restaurants movie theaters / cinemas sports facilities like dicks or chance maybe Foot Locker and you can also work in amusement parks such as Six Flags because I have a friend who works for Six Flags and she says that the youngest a higher in the state of Maryland is 15 so at the age of 15 you can start a tutoring business and I actually know a girl in my class no.not class homeroom who actually tutors kids for money she tutors kids who take precalculus and she's also in the same grade as me she chooses kids who are in low grades or in higher grades than her she also I mean as she you also can babysit yeah that's a good job as again then again as long as the challenge isn't dead or injured you should get paid you can also clean houses clean hot...